Dec 20

Official film poster released for Indefinite

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Without further ado, below is Indefinite’s official 2015 film poster;

Dec 19

Indefinite wins 2 awards at IIFA 2015

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We are very proud to announce that Indefinite has won two silver awards at the International Independent Film Awards (IIFA) for 2015:

Best Narrative Feature & Best Direction.

These awards are testament to everyone’s hard work and dedication to the film – we thank you all.

Sep 11

Indefinite selected for Louisville, Red Dirt & Great Lakes Film Festivals

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It’s with great pleasure we announce that Indefinite has been officially selected into three film festivals;

Louisville International Film Festival (October 3, 2015)
Red Dirt International Film Festival (October 10, 2015)
Great Lakes International Film Festival (October, 2015)

If you’re in the U.S. and in close proximity to these festivals, we would love it if you could attend and experience some wonderful independent films.

Jul 3

Indefinite Exits Post as Nina Deasley nominated for Best Actress

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We are extremely excited for two reasons… The first being that Indefinite is now complete and ready for the festival circuit! The second piece of big news is that Nina Deasley has been nominated as Best Actress for her role in Indefinite at the 2015 West Australian Screen Awards (WASA’s). Congratulations to Nina and all the other wonderful cast members for your combined efforts – together you enabled one another to get the best out of each and every take.

Feb 10

Indefinite enters post production

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After beginning principle photography on Australia Day 2014 (26th of January), it has only taken an incredibly efficient 9 days of shooting for Indefinite to wrap up and head into post production.

A huge thank you goes out to all the cast and crew for your extraordinary efforts – for without you the film would not exist.

May 31

A Fair Go is Indefinite

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As we’ve recently announced, we are shooting our upcoming feature on super 16mm film (instead of a Red digital cinema camera), but that’s not the only change…

The other significant alteration to the project is the title – which is now ‘Indefinite‘ (previously ‘A Fair Go‘).

For updates and announcements, feel free to check out the Indefinite page.

May 31

Contempovision benefits from Fujifilm’s demise

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In the film and television industry, it’s a well known fact that digital acquisition is in the fast lane, whereas celluloid is stuck in reverse. This trend has obviously put enough strain on Fuji that they recently ceased production on their motion picture film stocks.

We did previously announce that we were shooting our upcoming feature film on a Red Digital Cinema camera – however in that same post it was said that we would prefer to shoot the movie on 16mm (but for budgetary reasons this would not be possible).

As sad a time this is, Fuji’s demise has allowed us to take advantage of its clearance sale. Even though they weren’t throwing rolls away, it was enough of a discount for us to budget film (and all of its financial consequences) into the equation.

We are very excited by this because aesthetically the gritty look of s16 suits the story much more than glossy 4k footage. That, and who knows how long Kodak can hold on before celluloid truly becomes a part of motion picture history in every sense of the word.

Nov 17

Contempovision Films purchases Red One 4K Digital Cinema Camera System to shoot A Fair Go

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With development of our upcoming feature film ‘A Fair Go’ coming along at a good pace, it came time to decide what camera and workflow the project would take. As the budget will be relatively small our first choices of 16mm or 35mm were unfortunately ruled out of the equation.

Moving onto the digital realm and the choice of camera’s which can present a story in a technically sufficient way is quite limited. On one side of the scale you’ve got the DSLR market such as the Canon 5D Mark II which can save a budget quite a lot of money, but the negative aspects which come along with them (in production & post) simply don’t cut it. Then you’ve got the high end Sony & Arri Alexa’s of the world – but even renting them would be fairly expensive.

That leaves us with the middle ground; the Red Digital Cinema company;

…and what a glorious ‘middle’ ground it is. Movies such as The Social Network, Albert Nobbs, Blue Valentine, Winter’s Bone, Che, The Informant! & Green Zone (just to name a few) have been shot using this system, so we at Contempovision can’t really call it middle ground equipment. Their new line of DSMC cameras, namely the Epic and Scarlet, have made the Red One a cheap option – so we jumped at the chance to purchase one considering we were camera hunting.

Aug 24

New feature film announcement: A Fair Go

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We are please to today announce that our new feature film project, A FAIR GO, is currently in development. There is not much else to report on at these early stages, but we are extremely excited to move forward with this new production. Feel free to visit the official movie site at

Sep 17

Cruel Acts of Kindness Cancelled

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After numerous setbacks including the loss of two producers in the year and a half lifespan of the project, it’s with our utmost regret to announce the cancellation of our feature film project, ‘Cruel Acts of Kindness’.

Apart from the huge setback to both script and production company, it’s paramount to thank all the cast and crew who put in so much time and effort to get the production to this stage.

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