Critical Killing

After being completely demoralised by a critic, an odd pair of
filmmakers set out on the most unimaginable of revenge quests.

George, a sexually inexperienced young man, and Jason, the level headed alpha male are two of the most unlikely of friends that put their lives on hold to make a documentary. But upon its screening, it gets completely annihilated by a movie critic (Anne) so they decide to take immediate action; at the bar. The morning after comes and it is apparent that they are going to handle this nagging situation completely different, yet strangely both seem to assist the other in the most unimaginable revenge plot.


John Barker as George
Sean Dixon as Jason
Davey Ray as Hitman
Lalaine Chicote as Veronica
Floss Holt as Anne
Mick Moore as Tony
Paul Peacock as Undercover Cop
Corey Sheridan as Young Kid
Jakub Cowski as Gangsta


Stephen Koczian, Duncan Gardiner, Hayley Wiegmink, Ben Kossenberg, Denise Scrimgeour, Hayley Scrimgeour, Max Willmott, Emma Philp, Lear Rintoul, Vivienne J Rintoul, Lily Newbury-Freeman, Rene Aurich, Chantal Morgan, Kirstin Zan, Kymm Battle, Magnus Roervik, Kristina Boceska, Samantha Azele, Gavin Clark, Sophie Gibbs, Jasper Clark, Siobhan McGinnity, Jason, Hazel Campbell, Jesse Crossing, Reuben Johnson, Nikki Matthews, Vanessa Pitrau, Linda Jeges, Tundi Jeges, Thomas Jeges, Nathan Giles, Callan Colley, Hofer Boase Nathalie, Kayla Marie Ziccardi, Esther Kar Wan Chiew, Leighton James Henley, Hery Setiawan, Ian Robinson, Denise Robinson, Grace Robinson, Brooke Elizabeth Henley, Jessica Van Wyk, Alice Shenton, Charlie Shenton, Michelle Hanlon, Karim Hayes, Tara Probyn-Wood, Shania Eliassen, Kate Chaisty, Vivienne Wright, Nicholas Goff, Erin Ramsay, Jack Madigan, Deon Baker, Kelli Khuen Kryk, Jane Sherwood, Emily Edwards, Ashlee Poole, Jennie Feyen, Liam Gamble, Claudia Lanyi, Carole Watson, Peri Watson, Josh Watson, Alexandra Zyetek, Chelsea Sewell, Stephanie Hanlan, Lauren Fox.


Film & Television Institute of WA (FTI)
Di Coleman
Actors Now
Maxine Howell-Price
Kim Tierney
Tania Shenstone
Judith Clark
J3 Enterprise
Magnify Media
Moonlight and Roses Florist
Michelle DeCaux
The Barker Family
Ron Elliott
Sam Ismail
Howard Worth
Ken Miller
Michael Cunningham



Kane George Jason
(Director, Writer, Producer, Editor)

John Barker

Deland Tay

Todd Budden
(Sound Design)

Alex Walker
(Sound Design)

Jonathan Reid
(Visual Effects)

Joachim Strand

Jacob Holmes-Brown
(1st AD)

Nadya Yusuf
(Sound Mixer)

Michael Naidos

Magnus Roervik

Naomi D Lynch

Ashlee Sauzier

Jason ‘JJ’ Johnson
(Production Designer)

Nikit Doshi
(Production Assistant)

Tammi Sheridan

Additional Details

Release Date: 18 January 2011
Genre: Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama
Runtime: 10.59 min
Country: Australia
Language: English
Colour: Colour + B/W
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Mix: Stereo

Screenings & Awards

St George Bank Movies At Stirling (W/ Machete)